• Rock-Solid Defence

    Experience and a healthy respect for the litigation process inform our principal priorities of negotiation and settlement. However, “if you want peace prepare for war”. Our track record in the Gibraltar courts with major successes in ground-breaking cases assures opponents that a reasonable approach is the best option.

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  • Your Bridge to Spain

    Our cases have included a successful appeal to the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid in a complex case against one of Spain’s most well-known companies.

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  • Family Law

    At Charles Gomez & Co, the interests and happiness of children come first. We draft prenuptial and separation agreements and advise and provide court representation in divorce proceedings.

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  • Conveyancing Guide

    Download your free conveyancing guide!

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Charles Gomez & Co Gibraltar Lawyers

Our seasoned teams are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, approaching every task with unwavering tenacity, technical expertise, versatility, and independence.
Within our extensive case files, we manage a diverse range of high-value and intricate financial cases, navigate complex property disputes, and play a pivotal role in an ongoing Public Inquiry at the intersection of law enforcement and national security.
In the realm of non-contentious matters, we have successfully concluded a myriad of transactions across various legal areas, addressing issues ranging from the routine to the profoundly intricate.
Central to our ethos is an unyielding dedication to providing our clients with transparent and comprehensive insight into the progress of their cases and other matters entrusted to us—from inception to resolution.
Charles Gomez & Co is the team you want in your corner.

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Latest News


The Openshaw Inquiry- the real McGrail. A personal appraisal by Charles A Gomez

11 May 2024

Author: Charles A. Gomez

Dealing with the onslaught these past 4 years reminded me of the fast pace of the Bruce Lee films of my youth; perhaps “Enter the Dragon”; but it has taken a toll on our client and his family

What happens to the property of a company that ceases to exist?

13 Mar 2024

Author: Nicholas Gomez

In English law and in Gibraltar, “bona vacantia” is a Latin term meaning “ownerless assets” and the law provides that ownership will pass to the British Crown. This applies as much to defunc

At Forefront of Seamless Property Transactions – A 30 Year Legacy

28 Nov 2023

Author: Charles Gomez & Co

The Charles Gomez & Co Property Team delivering flawless results for clients at the latest government housing developments...

Charles Gomez: Toward a new future-proof economy

29 Aug 2023

Author: Charles Gomez & Co

Exploring Gibraltar's economic evolution with Charles Gomez. Learn about innovation, sector reshaping, and fostering resilience for a robust future.

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