• Rock-Solid Defence

    Experience and a healthy respect for the litigation process inform our principal priorities of negotiation and settlement. However, “if you want peace prepare for war”. Our track record in the Gibraltar courts with major successes in ground-breaking cases assures opponents that a reasonable approach is the best option.

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  • Financial Services

    Charles Gomez & Co does not have a regulated company and trust management arm so that we are free to engage with the regulators with total independence. As always, a negotiated solution is the best option, but we have had occasion to represent clients successfully in court when necessary – up to Court of Appeal level.

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  • Your Bridge to Spain

    Our cases have included a successful appeal to the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid in a complex case against one of Spain’s most well-known companies.

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  • Family Law

    At Charles Gomez & Co, the interests and happiness of children come first. We draft prenuptial and separation agreements and advise and provide court representation in divorce proceedings.

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  • Conveyancing Guide

    Download your free conveyancing guide!

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'The lawyers you want in your
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Charles Gomez & Co Gibraltar Lawyers

Our dedicated teams adhere to the highest ethical standards, approaching each task with unwavering commitment, technical proficiency and adaptability. With a robust portfolio, we handle a diverse array of high-value financial cases, navigate complex property disputes, and contribute significantly to ongoing Public Inquiries at the intersection of law enforcement and national security.
In non-contentious matters, we have successfully concluded transactions spanning various legal domains, addressing issues from routine to highly complex. At the core of our philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to providing clients with transparent and comprehensive advice and insights into the progress of their cases.

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Latest News


Landmark Age Discrimination Ruling at Industrial Tribunal

17 Jul 2024

Author: Charles Gomez & Co

Thrilled to announce a historic win at the Industrial Tribunal, setting a new precedent for age discrimination cases in Gibraltar: Reaffirming the protection of older employees.

How to Handle Crypto in Divorce Financial Proceedings

11 Jul 2024

Author: Nicholas Gomez

In divorce proceedings, understanding the complexities of digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum is crucial. From disclosing wallets to valuing assets amidst market volatility.

Addressing Property Speculation in Gibraltar: New Legislative Measures

08 Jul 2024

Author: Corrine Bossino

Gibraltar's property market and legislation. New taxes on multiple property ownership and impact on investment strategies. Stay informed with Charles Gomez & Co

Charles Gomez & Co Proud to Sponsor May Montegriffo Santos

01 Jul 2024

Author: Charles Gomez & Co

At 10 years’ old May Montegriffo Santos has made an impact in the world of dance: awarded two international prizes at the prestigious Dancer of the Globe Open Qualifiers in June.

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