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Author: Charles Gomez & Co

In the fast-paced world of the Gibraltar property market, where the heartbeat of transactions can be erratic and unpredictable, the Property Team at Charles Gomez & Co has once again stepped up to the challenge of managing complexity and delivering outstanding results to homeowners.

One of our clients, who has trusted Charles Gomez & Co on three occasions to handle his property transactions, said this about our team:

“I have always found them to be responsive to any queries, both from me as the client and from the other parties involved, very thorough in their services but still admirably quick and extremely professional.”

“Sometimes you only truly appreciate the service you've had, especially in a jurisdiction like Gibraltar of which I had no prior knowledge, when you hear of people's experiences of other lawyers; I'm very glad that I chose Charles Gomez all three times.”

At the moment, the Property Team are navigating a large number of transactions for new homeowners at the Centenary Terraces, showcasing their unparalleled organisational capabilities that have already allowed for the successful completion of over 100 transactions with 132 more in the pipeline.

Our aim is always to ensure that transactions are resolved in a seamless manner, providing peace of mind to our busy clients.

This has required exceptional teamwork and organisational expertise displayed by the 5 members of our Property Department.

So far, there has not been a single issue of substance (although we keep fingers crossed and maintain full focus on the matter in hand).

The entire process was preplanned many months ago and relied heavily on three decades of experience in delivering results to buyers in home ownership schemes.

This ability to streamline numerous transactions is a game-changer, ensuring that every T is crossed and every I dotted, leaving no room for ambiguity and delay and always mindful of the natural eagerness of our clients to move into their new family homes before Christmas.

Charles Gomez said:

“We see this as nothing short of a triumph that is a testament to the exceptional individuals in our Property Department and a reflection of their commitment to excellence.”

“Their ability to handle dozens of transactions simultaneously, with each one being unique, because we treat every client as if they were our only client showcases a depth of expertise and the industrious spirit that defines our team.”

“The Property Team at Charles Gomez & Co are known for our commitment to excellence, streamlining the procedure and ensuring clear and friendly communication with our clients and the estate agents and mortgage lenders that we work with.”


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