Local barrister Charles Gomez has been appointed an honorary professor of law by the University of Cadiz.

This is understood to be the first time that a Gibraltarian lawyer is honoured in this way by a Spanish university.

Professor Jesus Verdu who is a prominent member of the department of Public International Law and Foreign Relations expressed his satisfaction at the appointment saying that Charles Gomez had over many years of collaboration been an asset to the department and provided an important Gibraltarian perspective to its activities.

The department is headed by Professor Alejandro del Valle who is a world renowned jurist and at one time was the chief of staff at the chambers of the president of the European Court of Justice.

Speaking to YGTV, Charles Gomez said that he felt extremely honoured to work with professors Del Valle and Verdu and the rest of the team. “The international law department is at the forefront of legal issues across the Straits region encompassing Gibraltar, Andalucia, Morocco and the Spanish territories in North Africa as well as, to a certain extent, the Canaries. The volume of work carried out is extremely intense and varied.”

He recalls that the University of Cadiz specializes in matters relating to Gibraltar and has been running lectures and courses on all aspects of law and history in our City since 1980. The volume of work produced is prodigious and most recently the international department has supported the idea of European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation – last year they hosted a high powered seminar which included top specialists from various European institutions.

It is very fulfilling to be an active member of this very proactive and highly respected university. Over the last 4 years or so I have been committed to many of its activities including the setting up of the English Law and Language courses for undergraduates and a number of other academic projects."


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