Many buyers will have met or spoken to our Corrine Bossino, the team leader for Mons Calpe and Beach View transactions at Charles A. Gomez & Co.

Not many will be aware that in addition to her professional responsibilities, Corrine has a particular interest in these developments because she is buying an apartment herself at Beach View Terraces.

“It is a very exciting time for me because after having represented hundreds of home buyers in the 7 years that I have worked in the firm I am now about to become the owner of a brand new home!”

“The flats are being sold at very reasonable prices in comparison with market values and provide an excellent first rung in the property ladder for young people such as myself starting up on an independent life.”

Corrine explains how her first visit to her new home was an exciting experience. She has a view over Eastern Beach into the Mediterranean and up the Coast all the way to Marbella.

Over the last few years or so, she has been deeply involved in ensuring that the documentation is in order and that all buyers get the best advice possible, as soon as possible. She has assisted Nicholas Gomez in maintaining our Government Housing FAQ's Facebook Group and has accompanied the senior lawyers to several meetings with Land Property Serviced Ltd and the various lending institutions. This ensures that we can answer all of our client’s queries quickly and accurately and offer our services beyond just signing your documents.

“In the past, I am told that many of the Government subsidized developments failed to meet best standards in terms of quality of construction and on this occasion it seems that old lessons have finally been learned and great efforts have been made not to repeat the errors of the past.”

“Buyers should be particularly watchful when it comes to their snagging inspections. We for our part were able to obtain many improvements to the contact documentation to ensure that it works well for all the new home owners.”

Corrine is a firm adherent to our company policy; that we treat all clients with the same level of care and attention:

“Whether you are buying a multimillion pound property or an apartment in a subsidized development, we believe that you deserve top quality and in this respect Charles Gomez has been completely uncompromising.”

Corrine and her team are now preparing to ensure that our clients, the buyers of nearly 400 apartments in the new developments have smooth and trouble free transactions.

A team of 4 conveyancing staff supporting our 2 highly experienced lawyers are poised to ensure that all issues are dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

Looking into the future, Corrine Bossino highlights the importance of making sure that the management companies of the estates work efficiently, “a well-run estate not only allows for quality of life, but ensures that the values of the properties are maintained and enhanced.”


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