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Author: Charles Gomez & Co

Charles Gomez & Co is proud to highlight the exceptional accomplishments of our litigation team leader, Nick Gomez, who recently returned from the Round Table International meeting in Djerba, Tunisia, where he spotlighted the latest charity drive to provide terminally ill children their last wish.

The RTI is a global organisation renowned for its charitable initiatives, fostering goodwill, and effecting positive change in communities worldwide, generating around £32 million every year for charitable projects such as constructing schools and infrastructure in third-world countries.

Comprised of professionals from diverse fields, the RTI focuses on addressing critical social issues, championing philanthropic causes, and promoting a spirit of service among its members.

Nick is currently heading a project which sees the sale of environmentally friendly RT branded swim shorts, with the profits going directly to Décrochons La Lune Foundation, which gives terminally ill children a last wish.

The foundation supports children suffering from a long-term illness, including paediatric cancers, and their families, by improving their quality of life and well-being, raising awareness, and making children’s dreams come true during their remaining time.

These shorts can be purchased online with global delivery. We highly urge anyone who would like to help a child live their last wish to buy a pair (or as many as you like) today:

Nick is the Round Table Chairman for the Southern Europe and Mediterranean (SEM) Region and is the first Gibraltarian in Round Table International’s (RTI) history to achieve this position – securing a second term in 2022. 

Nick Gomez’ role as the Charmain of the Round Table’s Southern Europe and Mediterranean Region demonstrates his leadership skills, exceptional dedication, and firm drive for making a difference.

Nick oversees the work done among more than 5,000 members in the following 13 countries, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel, Monaco, San Marino and, of course, Gibraltar.

He combines a thriving legal practice, unwavering commitment to family, keeping fit and a dedication to public service.

Representing our law firm and his local community on an international platform, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the organisation's strategic direction and spearheading impactful initiatives across the region.

Beyond the courtroom, Nick dedicates countless hours to causes close to his heart, including advocating for equal access to justice, supporting underprivileged communities, and championing initiatives that empower vulnerable individuals.

His involvement with the Round Table International underscores his firm belief in the power of collective action and his commitment to positively shaping society.


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