Parental alienation is a complex and concerning issue that can arise during children proceedings. It refers to a situation where one parent manipulates or influences a child's perception of the other parent, resulting in the child rejecting or showing hostility towards that parent.

Understanding Parental Alienation:

Parental alienation can have profound negative effects on children and their relationships with both parents. It undermines the child's right to have a healthy and loving relationship with both parents, and it can cause emotional distress, confusion, and long-term psychological harm.

Recognizing the signs of parental alienation is crucial, as early intervention is key to mitigating the damage caused.

Signs and Effects of Parental Alienation:

Some common signs of parental alienation include the child making unfounded allegations against the targeted parent, demonstrating a sudden and unwarranted rejection or fear of the targeted parent, or parroting negative statements about that parent without a genuine understanding. The child may also display an unwillingness to spend time with the targeted parent and show anxiety or distress in their presence.

Addressing Parental Alienation:

If you suspect parental alienation is occurring, then you should urgently seek legal advice from our family law professionals, who have long expertise in this area.

In the last few years we have advised parents who have been alienated from their children and our experience shows that action must be taken swiftly to ensure that child and parent can be reunited.

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