At Charles Gomez & Co we have ample experience in representing clients with Company and/or Personal insolvency matters

Whether you need representation in regard to collecting a debt or enforcing judgment or whether you require representation against a Creditor or an administrative body, at Charles Gomez & Co you will find that we stand apart and always provide qualitative, efficient and professional legal representation with the utmost independence and discreetness possible. For the past three decades we have been involved in a number of liquidations (compulsory and voluntary) and have also acted in matters of Bankruptcy.


he law relating to Personal Insolvency or Bankruptcy, as it is commonly referred to in Gibraltar, is largely enshrined in the Bankruptcy Act 1934 and the Bankruptcy Rules 1952. We have acted for clients whether they are debtors or creditors and always ensure we provide advice and representation quickly and effectively. The nature of Bankruptcy proceedings are as such that a Bankrupt often feels powerless to do anything. In this connection we have represented clients who have been summoned to the Courts by their respective Trustee and we have defended Bankrupts in situations where they have fallen prey to vexatious litigation.
The law of Bankruptcy and Liquidations in Gibraltar draws from legislation dating back to 1930 and there has been pressing need over the years for a modernised and updated piece of legislation more in line with the UK Insolvency Act 1986 and 21st Century practices. Both areas of law are now in the midst of a considerable legislative overhaul in view of their outdated applicability and the onset of legislative changes in the UK and the European Union. In 2011, the Gibraltar Parliament published a new Insolvency Bill which has yet to become an official Act of Parliament. This new Act will no doubt be a landmark in Gibraltar since it will invariably affect financial institutions, businesses and the commercial sector in Gibraltar. This new Act will, for the most part, replace the relevant section of the Companies Act 1932 and the Bankruptcy Act 1934 and consolidate the laws dealing with Liquidations, Administrations, Corporate Malpractices and Bankruptcies into one single Act.
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